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We are dedicated to creating and maintaining strong relationships in Lansing on your behalf, fostering the CPA profession. Here's how:
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Educated lawmakers on the dangers of deregulation to halt the movement of Senate Bill 40.

 Senate Bill 40 would aim to deregulate licensed professions (yours) and could prove to be disastrous for the CPA profession. 

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Worked with the Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs (LARA) and the State Board of Accountancy to update the accountancy rule set.

 It is crucial that this rule set meets the changes in the accounting profession.

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Provided comprehensive feedback on proposed Revenue Administrative Bulletins.

 This enhanced clarity for taxpayers and practitioners.

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Collaborated with the Marijuana Regulatory Agency to define attestation requirements for licensing and license renewal in the industry. 

 These guidelines made the industry's licensing process more accessible.

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Become a valuable resource for their legislators. As new issues arise that involve the accounting profession, legislators look to CPAs to educate and advise them; your expertise can contribute to a healthy legislative future for the profession.

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Your contribution to the MICPA’s bipartisan Political Action Committee (PAC) helps to ensure that CPAs and their professional interests remain visible and are well represented in the public policy-making process. This is accomplished through the distribution of contributions to various elected officials and candidates who support the interests of the profession.



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The MICPA Legislative Advisory Group is composed of regional representatives, who are well informed and knowledgeable about the CPA profession; they are responsible for managing all of the MICPA's legislative initiatives.

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